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What does hawthorn hights ohio is for lovers about?

It's a rock band.

Hawthorne Heights is for Lovers: "The five guys who make up the Ohio-spawned rock outfit don’t exactly look like the kind of guys who could change the face of mainstream rock music, connecting the dots between the burgeoning underground screamo scene and the multitudes of suburban teens looking for a bit more chemical and a little less romance. But they did. They don’t really seem like the type of dudes whose debut record, the off-handedly produced and initially panned The Silence in Black and White would go on to be certified gold and produce the rock song of 2005, the menacingly addictive anthem “Ohio is for Lovers.” But it did. And you would definitely be hard-pressed to believe that the band’s sophomore effort, If Only You Were Lonely, released February 28th on Victory Records is making industry number-crunchers salivate and will assuredly take the band to an entirely new level of mainstream acceptance. But it’s all true."

What does hawthorn hights ohio is for lovers about?
Reply:It's about their girlfriends being back home, in Ohio.
Reply:His loved one moved to Ohio and he is left dealing with the fact of loosing her and if she will ever come back to him.
Reply:something pathetically emo?

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Why do Hawthorn win games at the wrong end of the season which mean stuff all anyway?

Long suffering Hawks fan

Why do Hawthorn win games at the wrong end of the season which mean stuff all anyway?
well i think you still have about 10 premiership cups under ya belts (wikipedia), and even though your member numbers have decreased since 2002, you're not as broke as the kanga's and have 4 more wins than bombers and blues this season...

If it makes you feel better, watch the kangaroo's coach Dean Laidly give his loss speech then watch your coach...

Alistair Clarkson(?) looks disappointed - yes- but quietly confident in the future years to come...Laidly looks full suicidal and seems to have no hope in the team.

so if clarkson is confident you should be too.

If you're really into your game you'll know its like a religion (no disrespect to christians)....its all about faith and hope.
Reply:Its not fair! i am a long time fan aswell, and havnt had the joy of a premiership, EVER!! and every game we play really well at the start too, but then we seem to run out of steam. But Alistair Clarkson is a good coach- and 2007 and 2008 are gonna be the return of the mighty hawks.....mwahaha Report It

Reply:well at least they are winning games
Reply:Hawthorn still has a team?

Hawthorn, Sydney and Collingwood star Dermott Brereton controversially donated money to which organisation?

He donated money to the Connolly Society which uses the money to support the families of gaoled Republican terrorists in Northern Ireland.

Hawthorn, Sydney and Collingwood star Dermott Brereton controversially donated money to which organisation?
Irish Republican Army
Reply:Yes, others have answered in here correctly.

I remember it happening. He donated to the IRA %26amp; people in Australia were calling for action to be taken against him.
Reply:I don't know where he donated his money but I know he did bugger all for Sydney %26amp; Collingwood!!

Which team can beat Hawthorn in 2008?

Everyone is saying Hawthorn can beat Geelong, then which team can beat Hawthorn?

Which team can beat Hawthorn in 2008?
obviously the cats, maybe the doggies, kanga's next time, tiges got close and will be better next time round 20, hopefully, crows next time?, who kows, footies a funny game, things can change quickly with a few injuries here and there.
Reply:On current form I think the Doggies are in with a chance after seeing them play the Swanees at the weekend. It depends what happens as the season wears on (injuries etc.) but the teams I would give a rough chance to beat the Hawks would be Geelong of course and just maybe Adelaide, Port Adelaide but on current form I am thinking it will be Hawks v. Cats in the Grand Final but that's on current form. My leaning is that the Hawks will win the Grand Final and be a more worthy opponent that Port Adelaide last year - but we must keep an eye on both South Australian teams and a lot of improvement left in both of them. Hey the Swanees might fluke it too????????
Reply:It think it might be someone who everybody least expects. I am hoping that Essendon will have their injured players back and that Lucas will stick it to them but i think I am being too far fetched with that idea!

Have the Demons played them yet? They took it up to Geelong and certainly did well against Freo. I think that it doesn't always boil down to where you are on the ladder but how well certain players play on their opponants and I think this is why some teams who don't win much can play exceptionally well against tougher teams.
Reply:one of the things that i love about our great game is anyone can beat anyone if 1 side brings it sh-t game and the other brings it good game.......but this year these 2 sides are a step up to the rest....
Reply:Port Adelaide at Tassie in round 8

Adelaide at AAMI in round 12

Sydney at MCG round 15

Geelong at MCG round 17 will flog them!!!
Reply:nobody can beat us we are to strong with buddy,roughie and willow up forward sammy,sewell crawf ossie in the midfield our two ruckman and browney croady and gilham in the back half we are unstoppable
Reply:Any team can beat them.

Melbourne beat Fremantle the other day %26amp; Freo had gone within one point of Geelong the week before.

Football does not always go to plan or predictions.
Reply:i reckon richmond, they are playing so well now, maybe the dogs not too sure about them but they havnt lost a game so far. maybe collingwood nxt time they play them. only if they actually start playing this time.
Reply:I actually think Geelongs defense can shut Hawks Forwards down and kick a big score to win against Hawks easily..

Hawks will also loose to Swans, they always have a hard time against em!
Reply:Hawthorn and Geeelong will both remain un beaten until they play off against each other

Then Hawks will win by less than 6 points
Reply:Carlton! Woohoo!

Reply:Well everybody will be wrong then won't they because Hawks may look good but they will get rolled at the end.
Reply:I think the Bulldogs can - they have equivalent desire and less ability to believe their own PR!
Reply:when it comes down to the finals PORT POWER, will bee the team who beats all.

hahah wooden spoon
Reply:Who knows, maybe Melbourne might play another freakish game and beat them..

....ok dream on Rogue :P
Reply:The doggies of course
Reply:Adelaide have a good chance. They match up well against the hawks

They'll give them a flogging - wait %26amp; see!
Reply:no team thus far
Reply:The team that beats them

Is hawthorn extract an effective sleep aid?

I thought it was supposed to strengthen blood vessels.....

Valerian is supposed to be good for getting to sleep

.....also exercise early in the day

Is hawthorn extract an effective sleep aid?
No, it is not.

Hawthorn :

Relieves chest pain of angina.

Lowers high blood pressure.

Helps the heart pump more efficiently in people with congestive heart failure.

Corrects irregular heartbeat (cardiac arrhythmia).
Reply:You need something with melatonin. I here cherry concentrate drinks have a high level of melatonin. You should try it. It helps me.
Reply:Valerian is good for insomnia.
Reply:Here are the herbs usually used for insomnia: valerian, melatonin, relora. I would buy only good brands at stores like GNC or online at
Reply:No. It is used to treat High Blood Pressure and some Heart problems.
Reply:Add to Zambiti's list 1) Hops tincture; 2) Passion flower; 3) Linden (Tilia) tea, tincture and infusions; 4) Oatstraw; 5) Calms and Calms Forte Tablets; 6) Alfalfa tablets, tincture and tea and Alfalco Liquid Extract; 7) The daily consumption of Oats and Oatstraw Tea; 8) Chamomile tea and tincture. And ditto the commentary about Hawthorne being used as a high blood pressure and heart tonic. I am not at all familiar with its use as a sleep aid.
Reply:Yeah pretty much what everyone else said. It definately should not be used as a sleep aid. I would try sleep aids that have chamomile, valerian, hops and 5HTP in them. That combination is usually awesome. You may want to look for a good sleep aid as I take this and it does wonders.
Reply:I've never heard hawthorn being used for insomnia. The power hitters for insomnia are melatonin, chamomile tea and Epsom salt baths (20 minute limit).
Reply:Hawthorn is a blood thinner that helps to reduce high blood pressure. It has been used as a heart tonic for ages.

As far as I know it is of no effect for insomnia.
Reply:no it,s for the heart love ,take some stilnox ,xanax. oxydone and there you go to nigh nigh,s ask anyone well most dont wake up so it,s your well heath ledger had a sleeping problem didnt he ?

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Is Hawthorn Football Club the best club ever?

I was just wondering as i am a long time Hawthorn fan!!!!

Go Sam Mitchell!!:D

Is Hawthorn Football Club the best club ever?
Half you fools can't even spell. How can we expect to take your opinions seriously. Gosh, learn some grammar guys!

Hawthorn is not the best ever. But we might just see what they really are come season's end. Essendon and Carlton (although they pretty much suck now) have the most premiership flags so based on that, they would be the best.

After all, a club's main objective is to win a premiership. Therefore wouldn't the club/s with the most be considered the best?
Reply:your just wondering are you?

No, they are not the best side ever, if they win 3 or 4 flags in a row, get back to me.

At this point in time the present side has done nothing, grand final wins are what the clubs play for and are judged by, as i said, at present Hawthorne have done nothing yet!
Reply:For you Tessa unfortunately no, they are a very good and proud club, no doubt about it but if you have to got to records Essendon, Carlton and Collingwood would be the top 3 overall. But the Hawks aren't far off though with the tigers, Dees and maybe Fitsroy/Brisbane.

P.S can you please answer my question on Robert Walls. Thank you Tes.
Reply:yeah have been for a while..Well since back in the "good old days' of Jasin Dunstall,Dermott Breraton,John Platten, The Big Dipper and even the old fart Micheal Tuck...Yeah they have hard a lot of hard years since the 80's but i think it is all about to turn around for the Hawkers....
Reply:Im a rabid Hawk fan but I have to say no...going back over the years clubs like Collingwood and Melbourne stand out as do Carlton and Richmond. But since 1980 they would have to rate as one of the best of the modern era, along with Brisbane and West Coast.
Reply:No. The ACT Brumbies are the best club in Australia
Reply:i love the hawks but no not yet they will be soon go the hawks

Ornamental Hawthorn problem?

I have a pink flowering Hawthorn planted in my lawn around 10 years ago. Looking quite poorly this year - no flowers and poor foliage. Live in N Ireland - had mild winter, dry april and may and rain ever since !

Any ideas what the problem could be and possible solutions? I cant dig any compost in round the roots as its planted in the middle of my lawn !

Ornamental Hawthorn problem?
get rid of the grass near the tree and form a mulch ring